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Groundnut is the one of the world’s important oilseed crops. Its seeds are rich sources of edible oil (43-55%) and protein (25-28%). Chain and India are the major producers of groundnut followed by Sub- Saharan African countries and central South America.

Groundnut is the major oilseed of India. It accounts for around 25% of the oilseed production of the country. Annual production 5-8 million tons. Production is highly vulnerable to rainfall deviation and display huge fluctuation between years. Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra are the major producers of seed. 

Asha Group of Industries has been very active in the export of peanut from India. Asha Group of Industries is exporting to various destinations in Middle East and Far East. Asha Group of Industries’s dealing with major buyers include multi-national trading companies and end users.

We can provide you different size GROUND NUT BOLD in different count 35/40, 38/42, 40/45, 45/50, 45/55, 60/70, 70/80 GROUND NUT JAVA in different count 40/50, 45/55, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90, 100/120 RED SKIN JAVA in count 70/80, 80/90.

We are located in the area where the raw groundnut kernels are available at the lowest possible prices, Hence we can quote the most reasonable and competitive prices. We would also like to assure you of the very best quality of our products.

Product List
Peanut / Groundnut

Peanut / Groundnu Meal
Packing Details    
  • As per the Customer Requirement
  • PP Bag
  • Jute Bag
Quality Control:
For the quality control there are two stages 1. During Purchase time 2. Before shipment.
  • During purchase: We are having expert team, they are having more than 15 years in the same filed, and they do the purchase of the Peanut. 

  • Before shipment: Once cargo reach to the port we appointed the inspection agency to check the quality and quantity, According to their result we select, which cargo is going for the export. As well as we generally send the testing report to the buyer also. For the inspection, we appoint internationally reputed company like SGS, Geo Chem.
Product Specifications    
Groundnut, java type or bold type, count 40 / 50, 50 / 60, 60 / 70, 70 / 80, 80 / 90, 90 / 100, 140 / 160, moisture max. 7%, Aflatoxin Negative
Parameters   Specifications






  40% to 45% 


1.5% Max 

10% Max 

2.5% Max 


Specification of Groundnut Meal    
Parameters   Specifications


Oil Content

Sand & Silica


  45 % Min.

10 % Max.

1 % Max.

2.5 % Max.

14 % Max.


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