Company Profile

Asha Group was founded with Asha Cotton Industries which is TMC (Technical Mission on Cotton, Approved by Textile ministry of India - Govt. of India) approved Ginning Pressing Factory, The company was founded by our Chairmen Dr. B.T. Valia in 1998; the company is engaged in manufacturing and export of best quality cotton bales, cotton cake in all principal world markets and to the end users in the major world market. It is also run successfully by Mr. Paresh, the CEO of the company. We have achieved expertise when it comes to Raw cotton bales, cotton plant seeds. We have positioned ourselves as one of the leading cotton seeds oil & cake manufacturers and suppliers in India. We are professionally managed company having large network and world-class infrastructure which is backed by fully automatic plant & machineries.

Company has embedded its roots, since the begging of cotton Ginning & Pressing plant this region. Our in-depth knowledge in this business helped us to deliver optimum results in the least specified time frame. With our futuristic approach, we have been accepting fierce business challenges dauntlessly and as a result we have increased our capacity to 200% in last four years. This yields overall increases in turnover of the company to supply good quality cotton word wide.

We have set-up the most modern and integrated dehydration facility in the midst of a large onion growing area Mahuva. These are harvested at the peak of maturity, flavor and taste and quickly transported to our processing facility. Manual harvesting enables the growers to supply clean and high quality produce demanded by us. These raw materials undergo quality inspection, careful sorting & dehydration ensuring maximum retention of flavor, aroma, color & taste. Our dehydration facility is the most modern and integrated facility to maintain food safety and hygienic conditions with passing years Food Safety became our top priority and we do not compromise on the safety of our products. The endurance in the field of dehydration brought us to a stand where we adopted world class facility in production and quality. company setup Dehydration plant of Onion, Garlic & green vegetables The Company started with traditional system to process the products but with the change in time and technology we adopted to the world food industry, as per customers requirement. The change was also brought to the working system and infrastructure of the processing unit.

We have set-up the most modern and integrated hydraulic pipe facility, Our plant facility is the most modern and integrated facility to maintain high quality product a fully automatic plant. Our experience & persistent effort is our asset of the company, which helped us to adopt international standard with world class technology.

Today, Asha Group is renowned nationally and globally, by serving their clients with integrity and earnestly.

Corporate Philosophy

To be a Benchmark in the World Food Industry.

Mission :

To  achieve  market  leadership  and  add  a  value  to  the  products  we  supply.  Earn  reputation  in  the  industry  by  standing  on  the  pillars  of 
quality  &  service,  hard  work,  Humbleness  and  brotherhood.  Create  integrated  environment  to  make  customers  happy,  associates  grow 
and  selves  satisfied  by  honest,  intelligent  and  transparent  business  ethics.

Core Value :

- Integrity :   "There are seven things that will destroy us: Wealth without work; 

Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Religion  without sacrifice; Politics without principle; Science without humanity; 
Business without ethics." 

-  Mahatma Gandhi

To  grow  a  tree  of  Business  Empire  by  water  of  “Transparency”,  spraying  fertilizer  of  “Honesty”  to  get  sweet  fruits  from  customers 
our “Principal” resulting in winning their “Trust”.

- Value Creation :

   Become an integral part of customer business for their success and create value for them.

Mahatma Gandhi

A  customer  is  the  most  important  visitor  on  our  premises.  He  is  not  dependent  on  us.  We  are  dependent  on  him.  He  is  not  an 
interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider  in  our  business.  He  is  part  of  it.  We  are  not  doing  him  a  favor  by 
serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do  so.
- Always one step forward :

Imagination is more important than knowledge.    

A  step  ahead  in  adopting  innovation,  Visualization  of  new  ideas  to  constant improvement and extensive Research & Development with 
planning is absorbed to lead ahead.

- Consistency :

“Consistency is the foundation of Virtue.”  Bacon Francis Adaptation  of  consistency  is  diluted  in  our  performance  ensuring  customers  all 
the time. 

- Passion for excellence :

“There  are  no  speed  limits  on  the  road  to  excellence.”  Passion  for  excellence fuel for us to achieve the highest and at par standard and 
best  in  its  class  by  all  mean  and  only  well  planned  and  intelligent  hard work make it possible.

Albert Einstein

Our Responsibility

“Be the change you want see in the World” – M. K. Gandhi
Environmental : -  
With  changing  global  environmental  condition,  as  a  responsible  citizen of  the  world  Aims  Group  commits  to  prevent  pollution  by  minimizing 
consumption of Natural Resources & generation of Waste.  
It  is  our  solemn  duty  to  meet  all  the  standard  and  environmental  rules  and  regulation  in  the  food  industry  to  protect  our  environment  through  managerial decision.
Social : -
Our group is responsible to maintain a perfect balance with the society  which we live in. The company also indulges itself in Education & Health 
awareness programs that benefits society at large.  
Health & Safety : -
A better workplace and environment is significant factor for the Group,  we  provide awareness program for  health & safety of our staff that are 
directly and indirectly related with us.